The Long Term Care Ombudsman Program was established by federal law known as the Older Americans Act over thirty years ago. The mission of the Ombudsman Program is to promote compassionate care for consumers of long term care services through information, education, advocacy, and direct intervention.


For more info please contact us here or feel free to call us @ 330.505.2300 or toll free @ 1.800.686.7367.  Please ask for our Ombudsman Department.


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What is an Ombudsman?

An Ombudsman is an advocate. A long term care Ombudsman advocates for individuals who receive long term care services, whether those services are provided in a long term care facility or in the community.

We solve problems for:

Residents of:

  • Nursing Homes
  • Rest Homes
  • Adult Care Homes
  • Assisted Living facilities.

We can also help seniors at home receiving:

  • meals-on-wheels
  • visiting nurse
  • home health aides
  • transportation services
  • housekeeping
  • chore service
  • other in-home services

What is Long Term Care?

Long term care is a range of services that address the health, social and personal care needs of individuals who may need assistance. These services may range from in-home meal service to nursing home care.

What is a Long Term Care Ombudsman?

A long term care ombudsman is an individual who works with people who use long term care services, to make sure that the services are provided appropriately. Ombudsmen receive special training and are certified by the state.

What does a Long Term Care Ombudsman do?

An ombudsman investigates complaints and helps to resolve problems and concerns you may have about the services you receive.

What type of services can an Ombudsman provide?

Resolve complaints about:

  • residents' rights, safety and cleanliness;
  • transfer and discharge;
  • finances and billing.
  • Support and monitor laws and regulations which protect long term care consumers.
  • Provide information about & referral to needed services.
  • Advocate for service consumers through in-service training and public presentations.

How is the Program funded?

The Long Term Care Ombudsman Program is funded by the federal government through the Older Americans Act, and by the State of Ohio through the Department of Aging. Services provided by the program are free, but donations are welcome and gratefully accepted.

What are the rights of Individuals living in Nursing Homes?

Resident rights specified in the Ohio Revised Code, under sections 3721 and 3722, include:

  • Personal Treatment
  • Safe and clean living environment;
  • Freedom from physical, verbal, mental and emotional abuse;
  • Freedom from restraints, except for narrowly defined circumstances.
  • Information
  • Access to medical records;
  • Names of caregivers;
  • Itemized bill for all charges;
  • Advance notice of room or roommate change.
  • Choices
  • Choose doctor, pharmacist;
  • Choose when to wake up or go to bed;
  • Ability to voice grievances;
  • Participate in medical treatment decisions.
  • Privacy
  • Private treatment of personal care needs;
  • Private communication with family and friends.

How can I get help from the Ombudsman program?

Call the Area Agency on Aging at 330-505-2300 or 1-800-589-5826 and ask to speak to an Ombudsman. A member of the staff will discuss your concerns with you and help determine how to resolve your problem.

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